A Busy Day

By mid-afternoon I was overwhelmed and decided to take a bath. I poured a warm bath with the appropriate amount of salt and eucalyptus oil. I turned off my phone, lit a candle, got undressed and sat in my tub.

All my anxieties disappeared. I felt like a cloud floating high above the desert. I felt a light tickle in my heart. It vibrated. I thought, “What the hell is that?” Then I remembered, “Oh, yeah, that’s happy.”

I didn’t want to lose this feeling. So I stayed in the tub. After an hour, the water cooled down and I began to feel anxious again. So I added some more hot water. Once again I felt joy.

I repeated this pattern for seven hours. It had become hard to maintain the happy feeling. I was tired. My body was pruning. I was feeling dizzy. The only thing that seemed like it could bring me fulfillment was to leave the tub altogether.

I got out of the tub and felt great joy. I dried off, pulled the plug, got dressed in my pajamas, turned out the lights, and crawled into bed. I thought, “What an exhausting day.” I fell fast asleep.

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