Fowzie and Letz

Fowzie and Letz


I went for a walk with my friend Fowzie the Ant. Fowzie was feeling down. I asked why. Fowzie told me that he had just found out that his entire family was devoured by Letz the Anteater. I said that I was sorry for his loss.

A few moments later we came upon Letz the Anteater. Fowzie ran up to Letz and showed him his middle-finger. Letz ate Fowzie. I told Letz that I wish he hadn’t of done that. Letz said it was his nature to eat Fowzie. I agreed that made sense.

I asked Letz if he wanted to take a walk with me. He said okay.

We walked for a while, talking about our hopes, and problems, and latest movies that we’d seen. I said that I saw the movie Harper, staring Paul Newman. I shared that he was the best part of the movie because his acting was natural and he’s extremely good looking. I said I didn’t see the whole movie because I got tired of all the 1960’s dancing.

Letz shared that he had seen Life of the Party and didn’t care for it because of the not so good writing, but he stayed through the movie because he bought an extra-large bucket of ants, and he knew it would take the two hours to eat it.

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