Just another night

Just another night

I was sitting at home reading, Kentucky Dirt Farmers, when there was a flash of lightening, quickly followed by thunder, and then the lights in my house went out. I put down my book and went outside.

One of the trees in my backyard had been hit by the lightening. The tree was snapped in half, and laying on broken electrical wires. The tree was also on fire. I got out the hose, turned on the water, and sprayed the tree until the flames were gone.

I looked up to see another flash of lightening and it was headed towards me. I reacted quickly, spraying water from the hose in the direction of the advancing lightening bolt. The water made a direct hit and the bolt was doused.

I turned off the water and went back inside. I found my chair in the dark and sat down.

The chair said, “What a night.”

I said, “I know.”

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