“Love Comes From Strange Places”

I noticed a pool of liquid collecting in the grass in my backyard. I got closer and discovered it was oil. I don’t know much about that kind of thing, so I called the local Texaco gas station. The manager came over and checked it out. He told me he thought there was an abundant supply of oil under the ground. He called some people and they came out the next day, checked it out and basically said I struck oil. I filled out some forms and now have an oil derrick pumping oil in my backyard.

I get a check from Texaco every month for about $20,000. This gave me the confidence to quit my job at 1(800)Psychic. I bought a dog and we sit at home and come up with songs. Last week we wrote one called, “Love Comes From Strange Places.” It goes like this:

You never know what’s a comin’,
the day’s a jester that delights in surprisin’,
Yesterday I opened the door to tears from the ground,
and the day flipped from lost to found

Love Comes From Strange Places,
never like I expected,
places undreamnt of
and suddenly…..hello!

(c) 2010 Brooks P. and Mr. Rexy Dogmeister

2 Responses to ““Love Comes From Strange Places””

  1. Phil says:

    "the day's a jester that delights in surprisin "

    Brooks, Rexy,
    That is genius!

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