Hot off the press

angel in my living room

I was up late when the angel appeared in my living room. I’m not into angels, but still I was surprised.

I asked what it wanted. The angel said, “Nothing, I just thought it would be nice to spend some time with you.”

I asked what that entailed. The angel said, “You keeping me company.”

Let me tell you that I don’t particularly care for angels because of this kind of vague shit. But my mother taught me to never be rude, so I said okay.

The angel sat while I wrote this story. I write because life is odd and if I write about it, I feel like it starts to make sense. Like I’m a journalist writing details about happenings. Hot off the press stories.

I wrote a story last week about a dog that spoke to me in Latin. I knew it was Latin because I had to take it as an elective in high school. I guess everything at some point fills a hole.

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