Who’s Hungry?

I was watching the news when the ghost of Prime Minister Winston Churchill walked into the room.

Churchill saw the Take Back Wall Street protesters on the news and said, “If they actually did have it in their hands, within days they’d be giving it back.”

I said, “I was thinking that we should hire plumbers, electricians and car mechanics to run the government and economic institutions.”

Churchill said, “My father was a plumber. When I was prime minister of England, he once came over to 10 Downing Street with his plumber’s bag of tools, and say, “Get out of the way and let me fix the damn thing.”

I said, “Did you let him?”

Churchill said, “I sent him to Berlin to meet with Hitler. He spent most of the time at the buffet. He came back saying Hitler was a reasonable man.”

I said, “It’s hard to argue against lunch.”

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