A Trick of the Tale

I lay in bed, looking out at the moon, when I felt the air crackle and pop as the room disappeared and I fell in time. It reminded me of the photos of cats falling. It’s a limp readiness. Until you land, there’s nothing you can do.

Suddenly I fell into a drum set in a recording studio. What a sound! I imagined it was like a moose accidentally running into a drum kit.

The drummer was yelling at me. I recognized him as Phil Collins. It was long ago because he still had hair. It turns out it was the rock group Genesis recording an album. Peter Gabriel was looking at me from a chair. He also had hair. A full head of hair on a now-bald person looks like a hat.

I told them I’m from the future. I found that it’s best to be matter-of-fact when arriving slapdashidly as a time-traveler. At first people are like, “What?”, but then, “Of course.”

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