What’re Ya Gonna Do?

I climbed the eight hours up the mountain side to visit my Guru’s cave.

When I got there, my Guru said, “What is it now, Brooks?”

I said, “Nothing. I just came to visit.”

My Guru said, “Well, then let me tell you what’s bugging me. I hate living in a cave. I miss TV. I miss women. I’m tired of being bitten by bats. No matter how many blankets I wear, I can never get warm enough. My ass hurts sitting on the cave floor. I’m tired of people’s problems. I’m sick of philosophy. I miss pizza.”

I didn’t say anything.

My Guru said, “Oh, my God. I sound like everyone that comes to visit me.”

I said, “It’s hard being human.”

2 Responses to “What’re Ya Gonna Do?”

  1. LifeLemurs says:

    Oh my. This is so profound! I love it. You are such a strange and creatively awesome writer. (Or is it creative and strangely awesome?)

  2. Thanks.

    I'm strangely.

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