I was feeling overwhelmed and decided to go to church to pray. It was hard because I don’t believe in God. I sat down on a pew and started saying something like, “Um, God, if you were to exist, I would ask you for some help.”

A priest came over and said, “My son, we all have our doubts about the Lord and He understands. That’s why He’s God.”

I said, “Really, you have doubts?”

He said, “Of course. But I also have faith.”

I said, “Faith means you hope something is true.”

He said, “Our hopes are strong.”

I said, “But that’s like gambling.”

He said, “Well, yes, in a way, but still it’s a strong feeling.”

I said, “One of my friends is a gambling addict. I used to lend her money because she had strong feelings that she would win. But I went broke and stopped funding her.”

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