My Home on the Moon

I have a second home on the Moon. I take my rocket ship up there to get away.

There’s no TV or internet or electricity. I get my light from either the sunlight streaming through the windows, or when it’s darkside, I light a candle.

I like to take strolls on the Moon’s surface. I bought an old spacesuit from a NASA yard sale. On Earth the spacesuit weights a crushing 500 pounds, but on the moon, I feel like I’m walking underwater in a pool!

I like to look up at the Earth. It looks like a floating giant blueberry with mold. It makes me think that all the little insignificant things we ignore around us could be earths, teeming with life.

A few other people have homes up on the Moon. One of them moved up with them an oxygen infused 1987 Chrysler LaBaron. I can usually tell where they are by the moon dust storm they leave behind them.

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