When Things Work Out

Sometimes life has a way of working out like I want. For instance, yesterday I was falling from a plane. It wasn’t intentional. I was waiting in line to use the plane’s restroom and I leaned against the exit door and I guess it hadn’t been closed all the way, and I fell out of the plane.

I thought, “I don’t want to hit the ground and die.” But then that thought was replaced by the amazement at the vast amount of space around me. There’s nothing in the sky but sky. Sure, there are clouds, but you can’t see them when they are close.

I started singing. I know I’m happy when I sing. I sang Double Life by the Cars. “Lift me from the wondermaze, alienation is the craze….It’s all gonna happen to you, oooh-ooooh, yeah.”

Suddenly the plane I fell from, whooshed by. There was a human chain of passengers hanging out the doorway. The person at the end beckoned me to reach out and take her hand. I grabbed her hand. The human chain pulled back into the plane. Soon I was inside and safe. The flight attendant locked the door behind me.

As a conciliatory gesture, the flight attendant gave me a voucher for a free flight in the future. I haven’t decided yet where to go.

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