Today I was hired to do some clutter busting for David Bowie. He noticed that I was nervous and asked me what was up. I told David Bowie that I’d recently downloaded some of his songs from a CD at the library. I felt guilty that I didn’t pay for them. I said he could deduct the cost from the work I was doing for him.

David Bowie said not to worry about it. He said that he used to tape songs off the radio when he was a kid. I asked David Bowie if he still had the cassettes. He said yes and fetched them from a box in his attic. There were 13 cassettes total.

I asked David Bowie if he was okay about letting the old cassettes go. He said yes and tossed them in a trash bag.

David Bowie confessed that he was thinking of quitting singing and recording. I asked him if he still enjoyed performing and he said no. Mostly he liked gardening. I said, “You might as well do what you like, otherwise you’re just hitting your toe with a hammer.”

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  1. K.D. says:

    Thanks for an evocative post.

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