LIfe in the Cave

I found my way into a cave. The thing is, caves are completely dark. I hit my head and tripped a lot. The really crappy thing is I got lost. I couldn’t find the exit.

A month went by. I lived off of grubs. It wasn’t a desirable time.

The plus side was I couldn’t see myself, so I forgot I was Brooks. I didn’t have a purpose. I was existing.

And then I got a phone call on my iPhone. I could see myself illumined by the phone’s light and I remembered me again. The thing is, when you’ve had a vacation from yourself, the negative feelings wait patiently till you get back. I felt lousy quickly.

I answered the phone. It was from Comcast. They were calling to see what kind of television service I wanted in the cave. I signed up for 500 channels. I never felt better.

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