Rexy and I at the Super Bowl

I went to the Super Bowl. I had pretty nice seats on the fifty yard line. I went with my dog Rexy. The thing is, Rexy doesn’t care for the Super Bowl. Rexy was interested in the football. She loves to play catch.

I have never use a leash with Rexy. I think it’s cruel to force a dog by the neck to go where I want. So when Rexy ran down the stairs and out onto the field in pursuit of the football, there was nothing I could do about it.

Rexy caught the football, that had been thrown by the Steeler’s quarterback, with her teeth and ran down the field. The refs and players ran after her. It’s not their fault that they didn’t know this makes Rexy run faster. Rexy made it to one end-zone, then she ran the distance of the field to the other end-zone. The crowd went nuts. Then Rexy ran up the stairs with the football back to her seat next to me.

The refs ran up the stairs, but the fans stopped them, and they were forced to retreat.

I checked out the football. It was heavily scratched by Rexy’s teeth marks. But the football stayed inflated. I think it must be made with high-quality leather.

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