I spent some time at the library. I read a book by Francis Chalmers called, “Frightening Ways of Time.” She is a physicist at the University of Houston. She extols the wily devices that time employs in its endeavors. She says that time is so desirous of attention that it shakes rapidly in place thus creating space so it can be noticed. She said, “We can look at the egregious self manufacturing nature of time and label it notorious, but which of us is not guilty of similar inventions?”

Her words made me cry. I went online and got her email address. I wrote to her and said, “You made something that I saw as an ally into an outlaw.”

She wrote back, “Time is the peace officer too. When you create, you modify, and thus you can’t help but be responsible for your manufacturings.”

I took off my watch and smashed it. One of the librarians came by and said I had to leave.

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