Wished Wishing Wishes

I got so tired of going to the wishing well. I felt like I was begging and it’s hard to like me when I beg. “Can you help me win the lottery? Can you make her like me? Please help my team win at the pachinko finals?” I think, “Whatever you’re going to get will not wipe away the humiliation that you’re asking a well for a favor.” So I bought the wishing well and I had it filled with cement. I felt relieved.

But then nuclear war started. Missiles were heading towards every big city in the world. I felt like an idiot for dismantling the wishing well. I sat in my backyard and moped.

Suddenly a wishing well appeared in my backyard. I forgot my judgments and took a nickle out of my pocket and wished for everything to be okay again.

Five minutes went by. Then a half hour. Pretty soon it was nighttime. I went inside and watched the news. There was no mention of nuclear bombs. It was as if it never happened. I went to bed.

I laid in bed and watched my thoughts. I found myself wishing more people read my blog. I got excited and went out to my backyard to deposit this wish. But the wishing well was gone. At first I was disappointed. But then I thought, “Oh, well, I’m not dead by nuclear explosions.”

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