A Matter of Time

The ghost of Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt, the wife of President Teddy Roosevelt, came by to visit this morning. She was deeply sad.

I said, “What’s wrong Alice?”

Alice said, “I don’t know. I guess, I’ve never gotten over my death at the age of 22.”

I said, “When was that?”

Alice said, “1887.”

I said, “That happened so long ago that it never actually happened.”

I went online and showed her the Ortega Documents. This is research that was done at Harvard University by Dr’s. Melanie Ortega and Nathan Gist in 2004. This hypothesized and proved that an event changes over time. A person experiences an event, and the normal wear and tear of the mind over time alters the memory of the event. But the person experiences the changed memory as the original event. It’s like a painting that upon completion is taken outdoors and is hung up on a tree by the painter. Rain, the sun, squirrels, snow, accumulated dust and the normal deterioration of the paint and canvass render the painting unrecognizable from the day it was created. But the painter walks past the painting experiencing her art as “this is how it looked when I originally painted it.”

Alice said, “Strangely, I feel better.”

I said, “And you look great!”

Alice smiled. I took her photo with my special ghost camera.

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