I took a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I sensed the bridge was feeling low. I asked what was going on. The Brooklyn Bridge said it needed a vacation. I asked where it would like to go. The Brooklyn Bridge said Miami. The only thing holding the bridge back was it didn’t know how to get to Miami. I knew how and offered to help.

I had the Brooklyn Bridge wait till there were no more cars. Then I put a sign up on both entrances to the bridge that said, “I’m Closed, I’ll Be Back in 2 Weeks, Please Take the 59th Street Bridge.”

The Brooklyn Bridge was slow moving at first. It hadn’t moved for over 100 years and was feeling stiff. I’m the same way after I’ve only been sitting on the couch for a couple of hours. But soon the Brooklyn Bridge had made its way to the Atlantic Coast and began to head south.

We talked and shared a lot on our trip to Florida. The Brooklyn Bridge told me that sometimes it forgets it’s a bridge and has fantasies that it’s a giraffe. I said that I used to have an addiction to cream soda, but through treatment I recovered.

Soon we arrived in Miami. For the first few days, the Brooklyn Bridge and I hung out and slept on the beach. Here’s a weird fact, the Brooklyn Bridge snores!

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