Dictated by the Fall Line Up

I didn’t learn the alphabet until I was 15. I didn’t have time. I was watching a lot of TV. There were a lot of high quality television shows on between when I was four and till I was fifteen. There was Gilligan’s Island, the Brady Bunch, Love American Style, and All in the Family just to mention a few.

My teachers would tell me, “You need to know the alphabet.”

I said, “I understand you have to say that because that’s your job.”

My feeling was that I understood words and I spoke them eloquently when talking with my friends, but the only writing that was required of me was school work, and what’s the point of that.

I learned the alphabet when I was 15 because of the crappy fall TV schedule. It was painful for me to try and endure Chico and the Man, the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, Circus of the Stars, and The Love Boat. It only took me a half-hour to learn the alphabet. I thought, “What was all the fuss about?”

Since then I have written some letters, my name and address on the return corner of the envelope, and these blogs.

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