A. Snowman

I was hiking in the high mountains when I came across the Abominable Snowman. My fears were overwhelmed by the A. Snowman’s beauty. A. Snowman’s hair shone like glistening snow, and it had a killer smile. The funny thing about entrancement by another brings about an instant connection, but shuts off the ability to speak.

A. Snowman said, “Good afternoon.”

I nodded my head. We stood looking at one another for a few seconds. Damn that smile! I couldn’t get around it. And then I thought I was in trouble because awkward pauses between two people often leads to kissing.

But then A. Snowman kept walking and said, “Best day to you!”

I thought that maybe I ought to take that course in “How to Make Friends and Influence People.” I could learn to be open and verbally connect with others. I could bring my huge inner life out into the world like a rainbow dictionary collection of words coming out of mouth.

But then I stepped in Abominable Snowman poop and thought, “Forget about it.”

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