It turns out I own Norway. My grandfather died and I inherited a box of his stuff and inside the box I found the deed to Norway.

I flew to Norway to see what I’d received. It wasn’t much different from life in America. There were people, land, buildings, dogs and trees.

The people of Norway spoke a different language. That made things interesting. I tried guessing what people said to me. But since they didn’t speak English, I didn’t know if I was right.

I ended up having to hire an interpreter. I then went to the President of Norway and showed him the deed. He congratulated me. Then he told me that Norway is two billion euro’s in debt, and that this was now my debt.

I was angry. How could something so promising turn into a turd? And then I remembered something my Grandfather once told me. “There’s no such thing as a one sided coin.”

To make things right, I got a job as a dishwasher at a diner in Oslo. I’m hoping this leads to a manager’s position. That will make it easier to save money towards my debt. In the meanwhile, I’m getting free health care!

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