Day Trip North

My dog Bloopers and I went to the North Pole today. Bloopers wore her green ski jacket and matching scarf. She doesn’t get cold with her normal fur, but ever since she saw the outfit in New Dogzine Times, she had to have it.

When we got to the actual pole, we encountered a polar bear. Bloopers gave me an “are you kidding me?” I shrugged and looked at the polar bear and said, “Are you planning on eating us?”

The polar bear said, “I hadn’t thought of it, but I am kind of hungry.”

Bloopers is always thinking ahead of me. She took out two Cashew Cookie Lara bars and said to the polar bear, “Would you like these?”

The polar bear’s eyes lit up. She said, “Why, yes I would!” The polar bear took her time peeling the wrapper and chewing the bars.

Bloopers took a photo of me next to the pole. To avoid further possible problems with the bear’s appetite, we got back on the submarine and went home.

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