I felt myself falling back in time. I saw moments pass by like cards being shuffled.

Then I found myself on the deck of a ship during a storm. A mighty wave crashed into me. I flew across the deck and grabbed a rope. I didn’t know if I could hold on. I was coughing up sea water.

Another wave collapsed on me. I lost my grip and went overboard. The water was icy cold. I watched the ship bob two stories above me, then fall three below.

For a brief second, I saw a person tied to the ship’s mast. He was intently taking in the cacophony of wind, rain, and waves. I remembered my college art history class. There was a British painter named William Turner. He asked to be tied to ship’s masts during storms so he could memorize images for future paintings.

I saw the man again. His eyes alighted on me with great curiosity. I waved. I know you’re not supposed to do that with celebrities. But I get overwhelmed.

A wave lifted me up onto the ship’s mast. I grabbed and held on tightly to the ropes. I discovered myself to be inches from the face of the man tied to the mast.

I asked his name. He confirmed my guess. I said I was a big fan. Again, something you’re not supposed to do.

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