I was leaving my house this morning to go to work and I was stopped by the snowman in my front yard.

The snowman said, “Hey, I was wondering if you can take me with you?”

I said, “Really?”

The snowman said, “Yes. I’m bored and I think I’d like the change of pace.”

I said okay. I backed my car up to the front yard. I tipped the snowman over into the passenger seat. I put on it’s seat belt and drove to work.

When I got to work, I got a cart from shipping and receiving and put the snowman on it and pushed him up to my office. I set him on the floor. I turned off the heat, closed the door and opened the window. I had to wear my coat while I worked, but I didn’t mind.

In the evening I drove back home with the snowman.

The snowman said, “Do you like working at your job?”

I said, “Sometimes. Though some days I envy you, just hanging out all day in the yard.”

The snowman said, “I was feeling the same way about you having a place to work everyday. But then after spending the day with you, I changed my mind.”

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