Universe Sailor

I was born in a spaceship. My mother was a Russian cosmonaut. She made it up into space. While there she delivered me. Technically it makes me a citizen of space. I have no World affiliations. This makes it hard to get a passport. I’m allowed into countries, but usually for the shortest amount of time. Kind of like if I go into a restaurant to only use the bathroom.

This got to be a frustrating way to live. Finally, I said why fight it. I built my own spaceship and I took off into space. I felt at home. When I needed exercise I went for spacewalks. When I desired to be on land, I would touch down on the Moon and walk around.

I have a space friend. Her name is Ivanika. She was also born in space from a cosmonaut mother. She built her own space ship too. Sometimes we see each other approaching and we’ll wave. When we’re feeling lonely we’ll dock.

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