Problem Solved!

I made a really nice fire and laid down in front of the fireplace on my polar bear rug. I closed my eyes and felt the heat of the flames on my body. Then suddenly I heard the roar of a multitude of thoughts come into my head.

I sat up and said, “What the hell? Get out of here now!!”

But my thoughts continued in their rampant fashion. I was about to yell at my thoughts again when the polar bear rug said, “Let me take care of this, Brooks.”

The polar bear rug picked me up by my right foot, held me upside down, and shook me. My loud and disturbing thoughts came pouring out of my mouth, where upon they were eaten immediately by the polar bear rug. I thanked the rug.

I laid back down on the rug and enjoyed a nice evening of relaxing by the fire.

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