This morning I took my boat out to the middle of the lake. I laid down, closed my eyes, and felt the sun warming my body. After a few minutes I felt the ripple of some strong waves sway the boat. I sat up.

A duck family swam by. The adult ducks fluttered their wings and quacked.

The male duck said, “Oh, my God, you startled us! We thought the boat was empty.”

I said, “I’m sorry.”

The female duck said, “Don’t worry about it. My name’s Derry. This is my husband, Glick and our two children Blenn and Gertie. We just flew in from Canada. We’re looking for a new lake to call home.”

I said, “I’m Brooks. I own that house on the shore. I guess I own the lake too. But there’s plenty of space if you’d like to settle down.”

Blenn and Gertie said to their parents, “Can we stay?!? Please, please, please!!!”

Glick and Derry said yes.

I laid back down on my boat. I closed my eyes. I enjoyed the sways from the ripples.

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