Hanging Out in the Ocean

I took some time off this morning to go for a walk along the beach. I was looking at the Ocean and saw a dolphin off in the distance. I took off my clothes and went swimming towards the dolphin. On my way, the dolphin surfaced.

The dolphin said, “Oh, wow. I saw you on the beach. I was actually swimming over to talk with you.”

I said, “Excellent. Would you like to swim together?”

The dolphin said, “Yes!”

We swam for a while. Sometimes I rode on its back holding onto the fin. We went deep underwater and I saw some amazing schools of fish. They looked better than when I’d seen it on TV.

The dolphin also introduced me to some whale friends. The interesting thing was how they were totally not self-conscious about their size. I was a little overwhelmed because I felt like I was talking with a building.

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