The future Washington DC

The future Washington DC

future washington dc

I write a lot about my time-travel experiences to the past, but not that often about my trips to the future. I think that’s because I’m worried you might think I’m making up the events I experienced because you can’t check them on Wikipedia to see if they actually happened.

Anyway, today I went to the Washington, DC, and the year 3001. No buildings were there. It was pretty much open fields and no trees. There was stream that flowed through the city and it was filled with plenty of trout and salmon. There were occasional animals wandering around, like llamas, deer, and armadillos. The nice thing was, the animals didn’t run away when I got near them. Now and then I could pet one of them. Petting animals seems like one of the better activities to do, as opposed to interacting with humans, which most of the time results in conflict and hurt feelings.

In my wanderings I eventually came to a small shack. The door was closed. No one was coming in and out. I knocked on the door. I didn’t hear any voices, but I did hear a whirring sound.

I opened the door, which creaked. I figured it hadn’t been opened in a while. Inside was a small wooden table.  On top was an open metal box. Inside were two spinning wheels with a belt that turned. The belt sometimes moved faster, other times slower. The device made a lot of noise.

I went back out and closed the door. A gazelle stood and looked at me. I said hello. I hoped that it would speak back, but things hadn’t changed that much.

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