From Later

I went to my mailbox and found a letter to myself from the future. I’d never seen anything like this before. I didn’t even know it was possible. But I saw the postdate and it said, 8/23/2024. I opened the letter. It said:

“Dear Brooks,

The future is amazing. Not only can I now write to you from the future, but do you know how you fly in dreams? Well, we get to do it now for real. And no one bumps into each other. A lot of people were saying that birds would be jealous. But they like the sky companionship. The other day I was flying to the North Pole and I came across a flock of pelicans. At first I was really scared. Their mouths are huge and I was certain they would eat me. But they let me fly in their updraft and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride.

More later,

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