Everything in Perspective

I went swimming this morning and ran into Poseidon, the god of the seas. I’m easily enamored by gods. I feel so tiny. Like I’m a speck and they are the sun. Which ruins any chance of connection. Who wants to relate to a groveler?

I was, “Um, ah, I was just, I – ah…”

The thing is, gods are humble. They are just out doing their job. Poseidon happens to run all lakes, seas and oceans. Yes, I’m doing my job by writing this blog. And essentially because we’re all living our innate nature, we’re all doing the same thing. But I can’t help but compare. I type a few words. Poseidon runs the mighty flow of all bodies of water, from the Atlantic down to water coming out of the tap.

Poseidon must have been intuitive and sympathetic because he said, “None to worry, human, as for myself I thinkith my place as a wart on the arse of Zeus.”

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