Shiva’s Ice Cream

Shiva’s Ice Cream


I went and got ice cream with the deity Shiva. Shiva got a triple-cone: vanilla, bubble gum, and butterscotch flavors. I got a small cup of strawberry ice cream.

We sat outside on a bench and ate our deserts. It was hot and Shiva’s cone was melting. While he licked his cone, the ice cream dripped onto the ground. Ants were fighting over the small growing pool of melted sweet cream.

Shiva said, “How’s yours?”

I said, “It’s good.”

Shiva said, “How come you only got a small cup?”

I said, “I’m not that hungry.”

Shiva finished his ice cream and said, “I’m gonna get another one. Can I get you anything?”

I said no. Shiva went back into the ice cream parlor.

Shiva came back out with a cone that perilously balanced five scoops of ice cream. I’d finished my cup by then. Shiva licked the cone, while it dripped onto the ground. By now there were hundreds of ants feasting on the drippings.

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