Mud Puddling

Mud Puddling

mud puddle

Being that it was Sunday, I went outside, ran the hose on the dirt, and sat in the ensuing mud puddle.

I do this every Sunday. It helps me relax after a stressful week, and gets me ready for the new week.

It’s not an eccentric thing. In the February 8th, 2017 issue of Chalmers Science Digest, research showed that sitting in mud quells the anxious thoughts. The mud is absorbed through the skin, causing the neuropeptide Ghrelin to be released throughout the body, which induces calm.

Chalmers Science Digest has also informed me that pouring grape juice over the head in the evening, just before bed, ensures that one will dream about flying (May 17th, 2012 issue.) As a result I have been pouring grape juice over my head every Tuesday and Thursday night for the past six years, which has consistently resulted in flying dreams. I don’t do this every night of the week because the flying dreams will become rote, and then I’ll be wasting money on grape juice.

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