Catching up with Arnold the Ant

Catching up with Arnold the Ant

Arnold the Ant

I went for a walk with my friend Arnold the Ant. It was a beautiful day. We enjoyed strolling in the sun as we caught up on each other’s lives.

Arnold the Ant said, “I left the ant colony to strike out on my own. I’ve been doing quite well. Yesterday I found an entire loaf of bread. And the great thing was I didn’t have to share it with anyone.”

I said, “That’s some good luck you have going there. I’m so glad you left that colony. All you ever did was complain about how they mistreated you.”

Arnold the Ant said, “How about you? What’s going on with your collecting of the color blue?”

I said, “So far this week I’ve found 32 blue items. That makes 1,267 blue items that I’ve found this year, and it’s only February.

Arnold the Ant said, “Wow, Brooks, congratulations!”

I said, “Thanks, Arnold!

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