Remembering our trip to the North Pole

our trip to the north pole


I was thinking about you.

I was remembering that time you and I took that trek to the North Pole.

It was your idea, and I like to support you.

We flew up to Ellesmere Island, in Baffin, Canada. Then we rented a boat, and traveled north across the Arctic Sea. On the way we came across a family of seals, called The Wortmores. They had never been on a boat. We invited them on. They road with us for a good two hours, till we got to where they said was an excellent area to catch and eat squid and rockfish.

They got out, we said our goodbyes, and you and I traveled another hour or so till we reached the polar icecap. We anchored the boat, got out, and, heavily layered and coated, walked the three hours to the North Pole.

When we got there, you created a dance called the, Really, This Is It?! and danced around the actual pole. I clapped in accompaniment.

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