Desert Philosophy

I was riding my camel, Casey, across the desert.

A great sandstorm descended on us. I couldn’t see anything through the flying grains.

When the sandstorm had passed, Casey the camel was gone. I was standing alone.

I began walking.

Soon, the heat and sun became too much. I collapsed onto the sand. I crawled a few feet but gave up in exhaustion. I figured it was the end.

Suddenly, Casey the camel came over the sand dune. He was carrying a pitcher of lemonade. He served me a glass. I sat up and drank it.

Casey the camel said, “I apologize for losing you in the sandstorm.”

I said, “Events happen. Deeds are done. But there is no individual doer thereof.”

Casey the camel said, “Sometimes it’s hard being your camel.”

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