A Get Together

Last night aliens landed in my backyard. I went to greet them.

I told them I was nervous. The aliens said they were nervous too. This helped everyone relaxed. I invited them in my house.

My wife greeted the aliens with a bowl of popcorn. She’s an amazing chef. She spent three years making the popcorn at the Century 12 Theaters in Evanston. That’s how we met.

The aliens enjoyed the popcorn. Then they served up some green rancid smelling slime. My wife and I ate it. It tasted horrible. I thought I would throw up. But I was raised with good manners, and kept it down.

We all sat down in the living room and talked about our lives. The funny thing was, other than living on different planets, our lives were similar.

The aliens had to go. They returned to their spacecraft. We waved goodbye to them and then went to bed. We were exhausted. It was midnight, and we are usually in bed by ten!

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