Man’s Best Friend

I was taking my dog Rexy for a walk in the park when I felt the snap and crackle of time travel happening. The trees and wide open spaces faded into the emptiness of the time void.

I felt myself falling in nothingness. Rexy was next to me. I imagined we were astronauts out on a space walk.

The world reappeared as we landed on a tent. The tent collapsed. I felt angry and bewildered people rumbling beneath us. They managed their way out. Before us stood a bunch of generals from the Union Army. Rexy and I had traveled back to the Civil War!

I recognized a disheveled Union General Ulysses S. Grant. And a dazed President Abraham Lincoln, who was holding his stove top hat that was crunched like an accordion. It’s refreshing to see celebrities looking out of sorts. I feel like I can relate to them.

Grant and Lincoln began yelling at me. They used words like “audacity” and “impudence.” I love old words. They have more resonance than newer words.

My dog Rexy began barking at them. She was reliably protecting me. You’re always the President to your dog.

Lincoln was charmed by Rexy and got down on the ground and petted her head. Grant was equally swayed and fed Rexy a piece of bull jerky.

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