He’s Right

I bought a cave. I didn’t add electricity, chairs, or any additional comforts. I kept it lightless and cold.

I sat on the cold cave floor, and felt peaceful in the sightless, comfortless nothingness.

Not an hour into my peaceful state, a bear came into the cave, laid down, scratched itself forever, and then fell asleep, filling the cave with the sound of echoing snores.

I lost it. I got up and started yelling. I began to punch the bear wildly.

The bear woke up and said, “Excuse me, but what do you think you are doing?”

I said, “You’re disturbing my peace!!”

The bear said, “I think something much deeper than a snoring bear is bothering you.”

I stopped hitting the bear. I took a breath. I said, “I’m sorry. You’re right.”

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