Good Points, Bad Points

I was lost at sea. I had been afloat in a truck tire inner tube for two weeks. I was thirsty and delirious.

There were benefits though. I was not spending any of my time on the internet. I didn’t have to worry about how I looked. It was fun to ride the waves. I saw a tremendous amount of clouds. The sea air was good for my lungs.

I realized, life has good points and bad points. If I let go of one extreme, if I was back on land, I would be frittering away my time online.

I relaxed in my realization.

Suddenly I saw a great white shark heading towards me with its mouth wide open. The inner tube would be no match for it’s razor sharp teeth. I tried to think hard of a good point.

And then I got one – it would be an exciting end to this story!!

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