At the Circus!

I was at the circus. The clowns were spotlighted in the center ring. The clowns asked for a volunteer. I raised my hand. They invited me down.

I stood amidst the clowns. They opened the door to the clown car. I got in. 16 clowns followed me.

We drove out of the arena. We got on the freeway and drove south for a while. I fell asleep.

When I woke up, the clown car was parking. The door opened. The clowns got out. I was the last to exit into bright sunshine.

We were at a beach in Key West, Florida.

I said I didn’t have a bathing suit. The clowns gave me an over-sized bright orange bathing suit with silver suspenders.

I put it on, jumped into the water and went for a swim.

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