Ways to Expand the Military Budget

I helped the army create a new bomb. It drops from airplanes and is bulky and heavy and makes a lot of noise when it falls. The bomb also smokes and sparks. But there are no explosives in it.

The bombs only cost $37 a piece to make. I figured a plane could dump seventy-five of these bombs, one at a time. The first bomb will scare the people on the ground. When the bomb doesn’t explode, people will assume the first bomb was a dud.

By the 25th bomb, people’s nervousness fades and they question the bomb’s explosive making capabilities. However there is still a worry that one of the heavy looking bombs might land on and hurt them.

With the 50th bomb, people are feeling compassionate for the bomb droppers ineptitude. Compassion removes fear and creates an openness of getting along.

As the 75the bomb drops, the people on the ground call the country whose bombs are dropping on them and ask, “Is everything okay?”

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