The ghost of my cat Smokey visited me today. I hadn’t seen Smokey since he was hit by a car when I was 17. The funny thing is, my old allergies came back. I don’t know how dander survives the afterlife.

A mouse ran across the floor. Smokey didn’t chase the mouse. I asked why not. Smokey said if he ate the mouse, a second later he’d have to encounter the mouse in the afterlife and make amends. Smokey said it takes all the fun out of it.

I asked Smokey if he’s anybody’s pet in the afterlife. Smokey said that after you die, no one’s owned by or in charge of anyone else. Smokey said he likes to come back to the land of the living now and then to realize how lucky he is.

I scratched Smokey’s head. He purred. I sneezed and my eyes turned red and teared. I realized how lucky I was too.

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