Things Have a Way of Working Out

I ran into an iceberg. It was lost and sad. The iceberg used to live way up north but somehow found its way to Los Angeles.

I showed the iceberg the iphone that my brother-in-law lent me two weeks ago. It has a compass on it. I said, “I bet this can help!”

The iceberg smiled.

So I climbed on the iceberg’s back and we headed north.

We only got lost once. Actually not lost. I pretended that’s what had happened. “What the? There must be something wrong with this phone.” But I figured since I had this great opportunity of being out in the open water, why not visit Hawaii. The iceberg was upset at first. “I trusted you!” But then everything was all smiles when the iceberg really liked going under the huge waterfall because of the cold cold water.

We hit the open waters again, and eventually and soon we were up in the Arctic Sea. The iceberg thanked me. The iceberg worried about how I would get back.

I said, “Not to worry!” My brother-in-law’s iphone also had an app for up to date reports of whale migration. As the app said, the whales showed up minutes later. I told them my situation and they said they would be passing through Los Angeles and would be happy to take me.

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