From Sad to Happy in 60 Seconds

I climbed the mountain. As I climbed, I had a conversation with the mountain.

I said, “Do you feel the sunshine?”

The mountain, “Of course I do, what kind of dumb question is that?”

I said, “Is something the matter?”

The mountain said, “…Yes. My cat ran away a few days ago. I’ve been distraught ever since.”

I said, “What’s her name?”

The mountain said, “Sir Kitty-licious. She’s a Maltese.”

Off in the distance, I noticed a gray puffy tail standing out behind a rock.

I yelled, “Sir-KItty-licious!”

The rest of the puffy gray creature revealed herself. She had a lizard in her mouth.

I said to the Mountain, “I found her, she was just off having lunch.”

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