The Natural Flow of Events – Part Two

Last night Jesus appeared floating over my bed. He was illuminated from within. I mostly wondered how he was able to do that. I thought maybe he used glow cream. That would make sense since he wanted me to see him. Otherwise he would have put in all that effort and gone unnoticed.

Jesus said, “Seriously, the ‘how’ is unimportant. I’ve come to bring you a message.”

I said, “Could you just sit on my bed? Looking at you like this is making me dizzy.”

Jesus said, “I’m sorry. For some reason I can only appear like this. It’s not easy for me either.”

I said, “Okay, well, what’s so important?”

Jesus said, “…Um, that’s weird. I forgot…I’m very sorry.”

I wanted to get angry at him, but then, he’s Jesus, so I said, “That’s okay. It’s nice that you came by.”

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