Good News

I was sitting in my living room when the ghost of Walter Cronkite appeared. He was inside a ghost TV. I didn’t know if the TV was once living and had now been dead, or Cronkite appeared as a ghost this way. I did not ask Cronkite because ghosts are sensitive and I did not want to hurt his feelings.

He didn’t say anything which was odd. Ghosts often initiate a discussion. They have a lot to say. Being dead involves a lot of alone time and once they appear they can be very chatty.

I said, “Hello, it’s good to meet you.”

Cronkite said, “Good evening.” This made me happy. It reminded me of when I used to watch Cronkite on TV as a kid. We had a black and white TV. I always thought it was funny to watch the news because they were talking about what was happening that day, but the black and white picture made it seem like someone from the past had made a tape that was being shown now, proving that they had predicted the future.

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