I was having breakfast with my dog, Rexy, this morning. We were enjoying a delicious Eggs Benedict with some mango juice out on our deck overlooking the Riviera.

My dog said, “Do you remember how we used to live in squalor and used to eat the pretzels that we’d find in the dumpster of the bar?”

I said, “Yes, sometimes I miss it.”

Rexy said, “Really, are you kidding me?”

I said, “Not the squalor, but I miss the sense of adventure.”

To reintroduce adventure into our lives we decided to buy, “Build and Float Your Boat!” It’s sold by Balsa Wood Adventures. It’s an actual person sized boat. We laid out all the pieces and put the boat together. We brought the boat down to the Riviera, got on and floated out onto the water.

After a few hours of enjoying sitting on the boat and catching fish, we became aware that the boat was sinking. Within minutes the boat was underwater. We were miles from the shore. We didn’t have any life preservers. Plus a storm was approaching.

Rexy said, “Well, I’m feeling adventurous, how about you?”

Rexy and I laughed.

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