My Trip to Niagara

I went to Niagara Falls with some friends. We were drinking beers at the outdoor bar at the top of the Falls and got kind of drunk. My friends dared me to get in a barrel and go over the Falls. I’m easily encouraged and so of course I said I’d take the dare.

We found a barrel behind the bar. My friends packed me inside. They threw me and the barrel over the fence at the top of the Falls. A few seconds later I went over the edge.

It was a pretty intense feeling. It reminded me of the roller coaster’s first drop. I thought my stomach would pop out of my body. But then I pretended that I was in a spaceship shooting through the solar system. I imagined my rocket ship was zipping through the Milky Way. I could see the beautiful and colorful stars. I got excited when I thought one of the stars was looking at me and winked!

The barrel reached the bottom of the Falls. I felt the barrel being picked up. The lid was taken off and I was greeted by the Niagara Falls police. I was arrested. I spent the night in jail.

That evening I looked out the jail cell’s window at the night sky. The stars were extra bright. I noticed the star from my barrel experience. It winked at me! I thought, “Oh my God! It’s true! It’s true!”

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