Graven’s Field

I was stressed from working all day. I went for a walk. I walked down the street. Pretty soon I’d walked a few miles. I waited at the corner for the light to change. A bus pulled up next to me. The bus driver opened the door.

I said, “Where is this bus going?”

He said, “The end of the line is Graven’s Field.”

I got on. I rode 45 minutes. I got off. The bus pulled away. It was just me standing at the edge of Graven’s Field. It’s a vast open park. I walked into it. There is one path that curves through the miles of fields of tall grass. It was night. I heard some geese overhead. I was tired and laid down in the grass. I fell asleep quickly.

I woke to sunshine. There were two vultures looking down at me from the tree above. They looked disappointed.

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